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a celebration of 2008–the year of the muskrat


I found a post from Immoral Matriarch that inspired me to, like she did, list some of my favorite Muskrat moments from last year:

May:  Muskrat is invited to speak at a local elementary school and posts the questions the children ask in Answers to the Children’s Questions.  He is unlikely to be asked to return.

June:  Muskrat foolishly drives to south Georgia wearing pink in Lost:  the endangered Parisian pink Muskrat.

July:  Muskrat opens the vault and reads from his childhood journals about a trip out West in Friday, July 17, 1989 (the day I crapped in a sauna).

August:  Muskrat relates the tale of his summer job at Chuck E. Cheese in Friday the 13th, August 1993:  dressed like a rat, I made kids cry.

September:  Muskrat vents a bit in To the prefacers and forwarders, eat a dick.

October:  Muskrat admits some courtroom gaffes in A few of my favorite mistakes.

November:  Muskrat reveals how he alters fairy tales in A princess needs a prince like a fish needs a bicycle.

December:  Muskrat gets caught with his pants down in Were I a dinosaur, I’d be mega-sore-ass.

And, for good measure, I’ll throw in Pretty Bride’s favorite–an account of Muskrat’s inadvertent soliciting to terrorists in Who wants to rent from an infidel?

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  1. Weren’t you also caught with your pants down taking a piss on an IRS building? You got the makings of a series here. 😉

    prefers her fantasy life’s last blog post..Mixed Blessings This Season

  2. you sir? kick ass. 8)

  3. Would it weird and stalkerish for me to go back and comment on all of these? Yes. Ok. Well, I read them all. I can say that without seeming nuts.

  4. Mega-sore-ass is what you call a gay dinosaur.
    Lick-alot-apuss is what you call a lesbian dinosaur.

    The fairy tales was my favorite post of the year. Just read the questions one though, and it was pretty dang fun too.

    Swedish Skier’s last blog post..Where’d the monkeys in my hair go?

  5. PrefersFantasy, Yes I was. And what a series it would make.

    ChurchPunk, Thanks! It’s been a fun trip.

    Maria, Not at all! Feel free to drop lines anywhere you’d like.

    SwedishSkier, I think I heard that on the school bus many years ago. Glad you liked them…they were fun to write.

  6. Next time you have to record it when you crush little children’s hopes and what not.

    unfortunate names’s last blog post..Why Are There So Many Poop Related Candies?

  7. I was going to say I liked dick in a box too,” but I didn’t think that would sound right. However, I did like the post about dick in a box. That also was classic.

    You have a lot of classic posts. Here’s looking forward to another year of the muskrat, 2009.

  8. Happy new year, you big smelly mammal!

  9. avatgardener

    Yes, 08, a good year for the muskrat, and those of us who appreciate him. (no way I can alliterate that sentiment.) Sorry I missed a wonderful week of words. Here’s why.

    XBox exceeds expectations. equipment emergency eliminates email exchanger.

  10. UnfortunateNames, I try to write about it whenever I crush children’s dreams. I really do.

    UR, I look forward to it, too. And there’s nothing wrong with loving the dick in a box.

    Diesel, You too, you stinky engine, you!

    AvatGardener, Thanks for returning in ’09. Enjoy your new toy!

    BillS, Thanks for your readership and comments, and I hope ’09 is a great one for you as well. Glad to be included with the other great bloggers you mention, too!

  11. 2008 had a lot of nasties for everyone, but it brought Muskrat, Diesel, Okay Seriously, Backpacking Dad, and Johnny Virgil for me to read and enjoy. Actually, it was JV’s JC Penney post that lured me in to Blogdom), so I give first credit to him for his infamous post and for listing “Muskrat” as one of his favorites.

    I often think, “why don’t I have neighbors like these folks”, but I don’t, so I log in and see what’s up across the country through you seriously wacko, but oh so lovable, writers!

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Father.

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