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olive garden > chili’s

As Friday was coming to a close, my bride sent me a list of restaurants from a RedPlum email giving away free meals or portions of meals for Veterans Day.  I’ve actually never taken advantage of such deals on Vets Day, but given that it was Friday, and the children […]


fuck you, cancer

I gave a speech for a public speaking class in undergrad about how it was cool to wear red ribbons and talk about supporting money for an incurable but preventable disease, while another disease killed more people and was much less preventable.  I spoke of a Homecoming Queen from my […]


is it just me, or is this guy an asshole?

Just like last year at this time, I took Maddie downtown to watch the Dragon*Con parade Saturday morning.  And, as my Twitter followers know, somebody severely pissed me off, so I’m going to ask you, dear reader, if I’m overreacting or in the wrong here. After driving around downtown for […]


revenge without a baseball diamond

When I get good and angry at someone whom I know well enough to have access to his house, I like to give him an “upper decker.”  No, that doesn’t mean I take said bastard to Turner Field with a fistful of $5 tickets that damage nasal linings.  It means […]

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