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christmas and the end of 2013

I seem to have taken a month off from posting (or reading) blogs.  From what I read online, such is the trend, as blogging slowly fades away in favor of bursts of information delivered on the Facebook.  Speaking of the Facebook (via its purchased Instagram), here are a couple videos […]


follow the muskrat with feedly!

Here’s the link:  father muskrat blog. If you hurry, you can go to and with one click (assuming you are logged into your google account), you can move your google reader blog subscriptions over to feedly.  There are other ways to skin this cat, but this way seems to […]

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a day at dad 2.013 and some somewhat related collateral damage

I packed a bag Wednesday night about midnight:  a light one.  Didn’t even have to do the zipper that expands its height like I do on normal weekend flights.  Had coffee with friends; dropped off shirts at the cleaners; did some work a few hours; met 3 colleagues at Panera […]

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