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mardi gras 2014

This year’s 4-day weekend preceding Fat Tuesday went very much like my last 4 4-day weekends preceding Fat Tuesday, but this one was warmer and included a smaller group of participants.  I wanted to experience some new restaurants if possible and maybe spend not quite so many hours out in […]

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christmas and the end of 2013

I seem to have taken a month off from posting (or reading) blogs.  From what I read online, such is the trend, as blogging slowly fades away in favor of bursts of information delivered on the Facebook.  Speaking of the Facebook (via its purchased Instagram), here are a couple videos […]

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hawks cay resort

Last week, I had a trial lawyers’ conference at Hawks Cay resort on Duck Key, and it was awesome.  Possibly the best “total package” travel destination I’ve visited (Hawaii and Europe require long flights, y’all!). My bride and I flew down early Tuesday morning and boarded our bitchin’ black convertible […]



A few days ago (12) on a Friday, I turned 38.  Because celebrating a birthday for only 1 day is for pussies sorely lacking in ambition, I stretched mine out for 3 consecutive days (just like I did last year).  And, I’m having a birthday party later this month. On […]

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