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dissension in the ‘hood

More love from the neighborhood listserv. Keep in mind that these are grownups with mortgages (some of them rather large). ———————– Jacob wrote: We’ve had a similar ongoing issue with some very inconsiderate drunken neighbors who partay about 10 feet from our bedroom window. 11pm is the legal noise cut-off […]


the threat

Tonight at dinner, the baby decided she was full and that, instead of continuing to put food onto her fork and into her mouth, she would instead put it onto her fork and then onto the table. And then she’d smear it all over the glass that was cleaned for […]


200k: a car odyssey

Ever since Toyota ran commercials with some of its customers taking their cars over 200k miles in the ’80s, I’ve thought it would be nice to hit the bicentenniel (but with a nicer car). A few years ago, I took a 1987 Mercedes 190E to 187,500 miles. I was almost […]

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