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my upscale neighborhood and its homicides

The following is from a local news source. The incident described happened about 1/2 mile from our house. Nice. I love the last sentences about our hood’s being an “upscale neighborhood” where it’s “unusual” to see this “particular sort of crime.” Of course, this is because the typical burglaries, vandalism, […]

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a very muskrat memorial day

My folks forwarded me a few pictures they took from our holiday weekend vacation.  This one is of my brother.  He’s playing with a snake he caught in the driveway.  He said he saw on Animal Planet how to handle these things without getting bitten. This is Alabama’s version of […]


the negotiator

During our aforementioned Memorial Day weekend trip, Pretty Bride and I shared a room with Baby.  Baby forgot that we’d moved into the Central time zone and awoke promptly at 0530 each morning, much to our alarm and fatigue.  Our first morning in the same room, she opened her eyes at […]

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how to ensure no one leaves you trail magic

9 members of my family gathered last weekend at a house on Lake Guntersville. On Saturday morning, my brother, wife, and our tween decided to go hiking and explore a cave along the trail. As we were coming out, I heard some voices in the distance and noticed that a […]

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