dissension in the ‘hood

More love from the neighborhood listserv. Keep in mind that these are grownups with mortgages (some of them rather large).
Jacob wrote: We’ve had a similar ongoing issue with some very inconsiderate drunken neighbors who partay about 10 feet from our bedroom window. 11pm is the legal noise cut-off and we usually end up calling the police then if we are trying to go to sleep. If you end up figuring it out please let me know! I know we’ve been over there at least 5 times before it got ugly and have called the cops at least another 7 times so far. The question then is how to make inconsiderate people considerate, especially when drunk? Maybe just tell them you WILL be calling the cops EVERY TIME you are trying to go to sleep and they are noisy after 11pm. Hasn’t worked for us but maybe it will for you.
— On Fri, 5/16/08, xxxxxxx2001@YAHOO.COM> wrote:———
May 16, 2008, 11:42 AM  Patrick wrote:

hey everybody. jacob, we have not even seen your face in about 6 months. the cops have come over ONCE in several months. no need to make us look like bad people to all of the hood. if you want to talk, grow some balls and come talk to us. hopefully see you soon. Patrick
James wrote:

When are all of you going to grome earplugs, or join the party and stop harrassing artists who are trying to make a living. Please -Jimw up?

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