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i can get some satisfaction

As I’ve written about before, we’re too cheap to buy a booster seat for Toddler, so she sits on phonebooks in a grownup chair when we gather around the table to break bread every evening.  Today, I noticed she’d shed her drawers for some reason and was sitting bare ass.  […]

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when DO balls taste best?

Pretty Bride is kind enough to enjoy fixing me a lunch every morning, since I’m too cheap to go out to lunch.  Often, lunch is leftovers, and she’ll include instructions for preparation.  Today, it was falafel.  I went into our breakroom, like I do every day, and I opened my […]


200k: a car odyssey

Ever since Toyota ran commercials with some of its customers taking their cars over 200k miles in the ’80s, I’ve thought it would be nice to hit the bicentenniel (but with a nicer car). A few years ago, I took a 1987 Mercedes 190E to 187,500 miles. I was almost […]

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