Childhood Journals

from the vault: this date in 1987

I spent some time in my closet last night and found some childhood journals. So, I will periodically type what was handwritten 20 years ago and post it. I think it will keep me grounded. And help with humility. What’s amazing is that I still regularly spend time with one of the kids mentioned below, despite his living 250 miles away. As the adult Gordon LaChance typed at the end of Stand By Me, “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?” Nope.
Friday was field day. It was fun. We went swimming at Indian Lake Swim & Tennis club. They just finished building a volleyball net. I played volleyball most of the day. Now I’m sunburned all over my shoulders, back, stomach, face, and even my feet. That night I went to Heather’s party. After that, Mark’s mom picked Chad, Coby, Mark, and I up. We drove to Mark’s house and spent the night. We got our sleeping bags and laid them on the ground in front of his TV. We watched “Vacation” and “Psycho II” on the VCR. They were both good. The next morning I played in my soccer game. We won 6-1. I’m glad. Today we improved our cardboard fort. It now has a radio that will also play tapes, a fan to keep us cool, a lamp, a skylight, and a window. I’m very proud of it. Next week is the last week of school. I’m sort of happy, but I’m going to miss my friends. The Indianapolis 500 was today. Al Unser Senior won. His son, Al Unser Junior, came in 4th. His brother was announcing the race. Friday, while I was gone, Kevin got to meet our new next door neighbors. Their son, Matthew, is 9. Their daughter, Amy, is 10. I hope that Kevin and Matt can become good friends. They’re from Chicago.

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  1. Psycho II? I could have sworn it was “Maniac”. Maybe that was another time.

    Man, I could have used some more details on Heather’s party.

  2. are you questioning my pre-pubescent journalistic integrity? up yours, buddy. looks like our 20+ years of friendship just ended.

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