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urban hayride

actual description from a house down the street (emphasis added): AWESOME FORECLOSURE PROPERTY!GREAT CONVENIENTLOCATION!AN INVESTOR OR 1ST TIME HOMEOWNER’SDREAM!CLEAN, COSY&COMFORTABLE!INCREDIBLE VALUE!SOLD AS- Below is an email thread from my neighborhood’s community listserv. If it looks like a bunch of neighbors are carpooling to go to court with the hope that […]



I just took a man’s deposition who, when asked if he’d ever been arrested, said he had been for “defending my sister’s honor.” Me:  “So, you are a man who would fight for her honor?” Plaintiff:  “Excuse me?” Me:  “Will you be the hero–she’s been dreaming of? Plaintiff’s attorney:  “Objection.” […]


Q&A continued: my answers to the children’s questions

5th grade: Why do we go to war? Because God is angry at you. What was the most interesting trial you’ve had? Scopes Monkey. Where did you sleep in Iraq? With your girlfriend. How long was the plane ride to Iraq? Even without the aid of a deep-running jimmy, my […]

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