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the dumbass

Today, I interviewed a new client about a former employee who’s now the plaintiff in a lawsuit against it; we suspect it’s a retaliatory claim related to his firing. I asked why the plaintiff had been fired. His answer: “Well, I believe he just went and had a “dumb ass […]

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intruder alert

Every morning, I walk into my office, update the voicemail, glance over the emails, get a cup of coffee, read the news, and go to the restroom.  Pretty much like clockwork.  For some reason, the cleaning lady hasn’t figured out that every morning about 9:30 when she knocks on the […]

Baby, Neighborhood

baby’s observation

A baby muskrat is called a kit. This morning as I got the baby out of bed and began changing her diaper, we heard what I hope was a single firework going off somewhere down the street. She said, “Uh oh, shots!” While she regularly introduces her sentences with “uh […]

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