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1- Filling out my bar fitness applications was a giant pain in the backside, as applicants are supposed to disclose all speeding tickets, arrests, times incarcerated, etc. At the time, I’d had over 10 tickets and 4 arrests that I had to describe in detail. 2- I “conveniently forgot” to […]


a meme from avitable

My favorite age: 17.  I had a new car I’d bought with scholarship money, a bedroom window only a few feet above the ground, and the belief that I knew, and could accomplish, anything. My best friend: Pretty Bride. My celebrity crush: The lead singer of Poison, until I learned […]

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an overheard conversation

Hello, Pretty Bride here.  Muskrat doesn’t know I can hear him upstairs with his daughter through the monitor.  He left me with his Thinkpad chatting with an AT&T rep, so he could go initiate bathtime.  Just thought I’d transcribe the exchange upstairs: Muskrat:  Your name is Macy, not Baby. Toddler:  […]


from the mailbag

Dear Muskrat, You need a custom header. —The Figurehead Dear Figurehead, See above.  And mind your own damned business. –Muskrat

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