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mardi gras 2014

This year’s 4-day weekend preceding Fat Tuesday went very much like my last 4 4-day weekends preceding Fat Tuesday, but this one was warmer and included a smaller group of participants.  I wanted to experience some new restaurants if possible and maybe spend not quite so many hours out in […]



I get the “The Atlantic” delivered to my office each month, and in September’s issue there was an interview by actor Andrew McCarthy of travel writer Paul Theroux entitled “I Hate Vacations.”  I liked the last few sentences of the interview so much that I ripped the bottom corner out […]


pour some sugar on me

As a youngster who liked SEC football, the Sugar Bowl was a mythical place where young men went to become champions, and the privileged few with time and money and driver’s licenses went to be a part of it all.  I heard stories growing up of how my grandfather went […]


to mexico, for the children

A few weekends ago, I attended a charity ball in which the proceeds went to help kids who’ve been the victims of sexual abuse.  There was a band, a live auction, an open bar, a silent auction, good food, and an open bar.  It was my first such event (or, […]

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