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a very muskrat memorial day

My folks forwarded me a few pictures they took from our holiday weekend vacation. 

This one is of my brother.  He’s playing with a snake he caught in the driveway.  He said he saw on Animal Planet how to handle these things without getting bitten.

This is Alabama’s version of “automatic pilot.”

Here is my baby having a shot of rye.  If she looks like she’s dressed for church, you’re right.  This is how she prepares to take in The Word on Sunday morning.

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  1. the 2nd and 3rd pics are cute. Kevin = twisted. I’d be fetchin’ my shovel to take at snake’s head off.

  2. About a week ago, I declared that I will no longer read any blogs because they are just people with too much time on their hands and they are always full of complaints. I did however read quite a few entries from you and I have to say……you absolutely crack me up!! I HATE blogs and I DON’T HATE yours so you should take that as a huge complement. It also led me to The Perfect Parent, which is absolutely hilarious. The really sad part…….most of the things they make fun of……I have done. There is one entry about indoor playgrounds and I actually opened one!! Anyway, please keep making entries because I need the laughs.

  3. “Baby’s first buzz.”

    Glad she’s able to drink on her own now, a skill she’ll need for life considering what she’s facing the next 16 years. (14 if she can get herself sent to Juvie.)

    Self medication is far easier than giving her that Benadryl wrapped up in something she likes.

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