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9 members of my family gathered last weekend at a house on Lake Guntersville. On Saturday morning, my brother, wife, and our tween decided to go hiking and explore a cave along the trail. As we were coming out, I heard some voices in the distance and noticed that a mother and two little boys were coming down the trail. They sounded excited about finding the cave referenced on the trailhead sign. As we were exiting, I told my companions that we could greatly enhance these hikers’ spelunking experience if we led them to believe that the cave we were exiting was more thrilling than it actually was. So, just as they approached, we all sprinted out of the cave screaming.

Me: Go! Go! Go!
Pregnant Wife: I slipped in guano!
Tween: I thought bears were done hibernating by now!
Brother: Hoooooly Shiiiiiiit!

We broke hard right as the kids were coming from the left and acted like we didn’t know they were there. I’m pretty sure the youngest shat his pants.

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