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mardi gras 2013

After my bride and a few friends have sung its praises over the past several months, I decided to start actually using the Instagram app I downloaded a couple years ago, and having it actually meant that I had something to do besides overindulge this year in New Orleans!  I […]


the trouble with halloween

Halloween and I don’t get along that well lately.  For years, it was my favorite holiday…a chance to dress up, maybe win a prize, offend some people, and make folks laugh. And then last year at our firm’s party, things got sort of ugly.  This year, I willed myself not […]

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Since starting this self-employment racket, I’ve met at different times with a respected business consultant to solos who need assistance managing growth, marketing, strategic planning, etc.  He actually told me not to quit my job and go out on my own in 2009 (saying I didn’t have enough liquid capital), […]

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bringing the children into my professional world (sort of)

For as long as I’ve been practicing law, the annual “comp romp” was a highlight of the year:  it’s 1 day of continuing legal education (CLE) classes covering workers’ compensation law stretched into 3 half days at St Simons Island, GA.  When I worked at a big firm, we’d get […]

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