too late

On Sunday, August 12, 2012 at 9:07pm I got the following email from my client, Willie Roth, whom I’ve been representing for 3 years: I want you to reach out to the defense and the insurance to see if their last offer is still on the table.  If so, accept […]


37 years!

I actually wrote a paragraph about my recently turning 38 and how I didn’t want to do anything for my birthday this week, because who cares about turning 38, and I’m busy and too grown up to give a shit about my birthday when I have children to please on […]

Law, Neighborhood


I try to categorize bad news as either:  1) a problem or 2) an expense.  If it’s just the latter, I can bust my ass, file a bunch of lawsuits, and make the issue go away.  But if it’s the former (or if the expense is…say…$20,000 or so), great weeping […]


more scenes from a sexual harassment deposition

After my client finished getting deposed, Ray decided to depose my client’s colleague, Marta, the Cuban lady who was also harassed at work.  Here are a few snippets: Marta:  He would tell Tawanna that she was “doodoo brown” and that he liked light skin. Ray:  Doodle brown? Marta:  No, DOO […]

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