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the 2014 dad 2.0 summit in new orleans

krystal on bourbonThis was damned close to being the Dad 2.0 Summit In Which I Stayed Home instead of the one in New Orleans, but thanks to sponsorship of my hotel and ticket by Microsoft and a pep talk from Doug, I went.  And you know what?  I’m glad.  And not just because I love trips to New Orleans.

night shot

I was a “live blogger” for the conference, like I was the last blogging conference I attended in New Orleans, Mom 2.0 in 2011.  This was good, because it made me attend all the sessions and pay attention to them.  The quality of the keynote speakers, posts that were read, TEDnite talks, and panels were even better than they’ve been in past years.  This was the 3rd year for a Dad 2.0 conference, and it seems to have truly hit its stride.

Plus, I got to hold a gator!

with gator

And photograph a Canadian!

chris on saddle

Being New Orleans, we took advantage of the night life.  Though I didn’t go anywhere new, I enjoyed leading old and new friends to some of my favorite bars in the French Quarter, like Sazerac Bar, Napoleon House, Old Absinthe House, Carousel Bar, and Cat’s Meow.  We ate at the excellent Irene’s Cuisine and Mr. B’s.  We also ate at the not-so-excellent Krystal and Lucky Dog stand (both between 2 and 3 a.m.).

lucky dog

Is it just me, or does this guy look like he belongs in Boulder?

There was the usual karaoke performing by Amy and me at Cat’s Meow.

cats sing screen
amy singing

And some extraordinary enunciation via text messages with my friend Mike:


I’m not sure what “Marne” means, but I’m certain it’s profound.

Most surprising from this year’s Dad 2.0, however, was that I actually had several takeaways.  Not just action items to try and kickstart my lagging new file openings from the past 2 quarters that I gleaned from the SEO session and roundtable, but some regarding how to parent and how to be a better man.

I’ve told this to Caleb, the moderator, but the talk on “Parenting it Forward:  Compensating for Our Own Flawed Fathers” may be the most impactful session I’ve ever heard at any professional seminar.  I left in awe of the transparency displayed by Charlie, Ryan, Eduardo, and Caleb, along with several areas in which I want to either improve or make damned sure I don’t fall down.  I’m grateful that I happened to have been assigned to cover that session, as I’ll never forget it.

The “companion” conference, Mom 2.0, is in Atlanta this May at the Ritz in Buckhead, maybe 1/2 mile from my office.  I think I may have to drop in and see some of the fine folks with whom I spent last weekend.

And as for Dad 2.0 in 2015?  I’ve already bought my ticket.

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  1. If only you’d been able to photograph a Canadian gator, then you’d really have hit the jackpot.

  2. From being an extra nervous newbie last year to being able to confidently call you guys my friends this year, this conference has done wonders for my confidence and self esteem. I’m glad to know you, Michael, and can’t wait to do this all over again next year. Also, I’m glad this is the only picture of me that you got…

  3. Pretty Bride

    You so crazy. (And also a good dad. It takes skill and heart to be both.)

  4. Pretty Bride

    Also: Marne.

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  6. Glad to see you for a little bit, sir. Maybe next year we can have more than a passing conversation.

    Glad you liked the panel. Really loved doing it. It was nice to discuss something potentially really impactful to people’s lives.

    • Yes! But it’ll have to be when you’re not moderating, and I’m not live blogging, of course. If you come to Mom 2.0, you’ll be just down the street from me, so we’ll have to reconvene.

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