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100 posts, 100 truths

I learned today that at one’s 100th post, he is supposed to reveal 100 truths about himself.  This is Number 101, but here goes: 1-      I can’t write without music, a couple cocktails , or running.  I prefer all 3, as I have done tonight. 2-      Mute Math, Makers, and […]


how y’all are getting here

Just a few of the google searches that have taken readers to MUSKRAT: ricky bobby quotes packs of stray dogs:  someone loves Talladega Nights, too! laurel, md white where to live:  someone is moving to MD and is racist! muskrat turd:  someone is in an elementary school science class (or […]

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intruder alert

Every morning, I walk into my office, update the voicemail, glance over the emails, get a cup of coffee, read the news, and go to the restroom.  Pretty much like clockwork.  For some reason, the cleaning lady hasn’t figured out that every morning about 9:30 when she knocks on the […]

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