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never meanin’ no harm

After finding out 2 friends had heart attacks and a 3rd has stage 4 cancer (all my age, all in my profession), I’ve had levels of nostalgia for the simpler times of the 1980s that are even higher than I have on a regular day-to-day basis.  So, in the past […]

Growing up, Music

good timing man

When I was a senior in high school, I had a habit of pulling from a pile of outgrown t-shirts from the back of my father’s closet and wearing them to wrestling practice.  These t-shirts were primarily from a phase my old man had in his late 30s that consisted […]


almost better than the real thing

Disturbingly rare are the chances the Mrs and I have to go out and hear live music.  However, when the opportunity to see an awesome cover band called Yacht Rock play the entire Thriller and Purple Rain albums at a small venue on a Saturday night presented itself, I had […]

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