should i stay or should i go?

I’ve actually dreaded tonight for the past 2 months, because of this conversation prohibiting my going out of town Friday.  The one where I got dressed down in front of 2 of my peers by a little man who seems to lack authority in real life, so he must exert […]


my 2012 and the road through 2013

I just found the following sentences sitting in my “drafts” folder as part of a post I wrote in late January 2012; I obviously didn’t finish it: I’m normally excited about a new year:  new goals; new resolutions; new chance to see Alabama play for a national championship.  But this […]

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to awol or not to awol

In my nearly 16 years as a Reservist, I’ve only done something really crazy—like sneak off base, hop on a plane, and leave the time zone—twice.  The first time was in March 1999.  My friend Chad was getting married, and I was to be a groomsman.  I’d known Chad since […]


meme like it’s 2008 (compliments of “always home and uncool” kevin)

I started blogging in ’05 but started this site in ’08, and at that time, there were a bunch of memes going around, wherein one blogger would “tag” a bunch of others with an award or a series of questions to answer.  Here are some of those old posts, in […]

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