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Family, Frugality

when DO balls taste best?

Pretty Bride is kind enough to enjoy fixing me a lunch every morning, since I’m too cheap to go out to lunch.  Often, lunch is leftovers, and she’ll include instructions for preparation.  Today, it was falafel.  I went into our breakroom, like I do every day, and I opened my […]


the importance of staying fly

This fine establishment is close to our house.  After passing it 100 times, I finally drove by with a camera in the car, pulled up, leaned out the window, and quickly took a picture before getting shot.  I love it.  How many stores offer clothing AND apparel?  I mean–sure, one […]

Gratuitously offensive, Law

bean juice and harassing the copy boy

Eric mans our copy room at work and gripes about the bad coffee we serve.  So, he has started bringing his own beans and a grinder.  He makes his “good” batch and puts a small yellow sticky note on the glass container holding his special blend, so that those of […]

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