Gratuitously offensive Law

bean juice and harassing the copy boy

Eric mans our copy room at work and gripes about the bad coffee we serve.  So, he has started bringing his own beans and a grinder.  He makes his “good” batch and puts a small yellow sticky note on the glass container holding his special blend, so that those of us in the know will drink from him instead of the firm.  He doesn’t charge for it; it just makes him feel good.

This morning, as I was filling my mug, Eric greeted me with, “Everyone’s gotta have the bean juice!”

Me:  “Umm, yeah.”

Eric (disappointed his attempt at wit got a crap reception):  “Well that’s what it is!  Bean juice!  Hehehe.”

Me:  “Do you like to tell children how hotdogs and chicken nuggets are made?  You do, don’t you.  That shit ain’t cool, buddy.  Not cool.”

Eric:  (silence)

Me:  “Eric, do you suck dick?”

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  1. Ok…I was greatly amused and then I snorted water laughing on the last line. You need to warn us if you drop a bomb like that.

  2. well, I was with you – thinking funny observation of life and then that last line….I guess it really meets the criteria of your blog motto.

    I must come back for more of these muskrat musings

  3. I’ll bet Eric likes movies about Gladiators.

  4. LOL.

    Eric sounds like a douche.

  5. mac daniels

    Sarah, you are most certainly right.

    Eric and THO, Pretty Bride thought the last part was “kinda harsh” and was a bit critical, but I gotta be me.

    F’head, I guarantee it.

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