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i can get some satisfaction

As I’ve written about before, we’re too cheap to buy a booster seat for Toddler, so she sits on phonebooks in a grownup chair when we gather around the table to break bread every evening.  Today, I noticed she’d shed her drawers for some reason and was sitting bare ass.  No big surprise there.  However, when she got up, I noticed that she was sitting on a NEW phone book, and that prominently displayed was an attorney against whom I have a case right now!  I was elated.  “Hey, look!  Baby was giving a cherubic buttface to that lawyer I’m probably going to trial against next month.  How cool is that?”

I took a picture so the moment would last a little longer.  Don’t think I won’t pull this puppy out and hold it up for all to see during his opening statement.  You’re damned right I will.  Right after I apply my warpaint.

I also derive satisfaction from looking at this funny blog.  So should you.

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  1. That guy is an ass-face anyway.

  2. well said, damon!

  3. Fortunately, that glossy paper doesn’t allow for much seepage.

    I have a poll up at my blog – feel free to come by and vote.

    There’s free pickles!

  4. You should frame it and give it to him – after you kick his ass in court.

  5. tushie tortures torte-er

  6. hah, funny stuff. If Perry Mason had a kid that did that he would’ve been an unstoppable killing machine.

  7. bottom bothers barrister

    cheeks chafe combatant


    moon muddles men

  8. I can’t compete with avat, but here’s my try:
    ass assails attorney

  9. summer clearance

    For the LOVE OF GOD, please stop exposing the poor baby’s bare bottom on the internet. It’s bad karma. I thought you wanted to keep your daughter off the pole?

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