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forcing the force

This poster hangs in our powder room.  So, whenever Maddie the Toddler and I are in the den, and she belts out an “Oh go potty!” we see this poster.  She’ll sit on the john while I hold her little shoulders to keep her from falling in, and she’ll point […]

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on elimination

At 6:50 this morning, I was in Musktopia.  I was frolicking on lake shores, eating shell crackers and kicking some beaver ass.  A previously unnoticed beaver rose from his dam with warpaint on his face and a bow in his hand.  His battle cry of “Ahgopotty Ahgopotty Ahgopotty!” was my […]


why i’ll never get unsupervised visitation

Today, Pretty Bride made the mistake of leaving me alone with Toddler for several hours while she ran some errands.  As she drove away, I was sitting on the front porch with my Thinkpad; Toddler had just removed her diaper and was having some bare ass time on the porch […]

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