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rome if you want to

So, I spent all last week getting ready for trial on Friday and doing other non-blog-related things.  When Friday morning came, I struck out on I-75 North towards Rome.  I took my mapquest directions, my Garmin, and left in time to meet with my client at 9 before the 9:30 […]


our pre-game entertainment

Today, when I arrived at court with my three witnesses, there was another hearing ahead of us, so we all sat down and watched.  Wal-Mart was the defendant. I won’t reveal too much regarding the merits of the case, but I must provide a few of the highlights from the […]


a few of my favorite mistakes

I’ve written before about trying a case with my zipper unzipped, but today I’d like to disclose some of my favorite verbal blunders during cross examinations the last 4 years, just in case I ever start getting cocky about never losing at trial. 1)  Plaintiff is on the stand, and […]

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i can get some satisfaction

As I’ve written about before, we’re too cheap to buy a booster seat for Toddler, so she sits on phonebooks in a grownup chair when we gather around the table to break bread every evening.  Today, I noticed she’d shed her drawers for some reason and was sitting bare ass.  […]

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