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is it just me, or is this lawyer a total dick?

A female security guard was raped and is suing the location in which the incident occurred.  Naturally, I’m defending the company that insures the business she’s suing. Today, I talked to her attorney about scheduling a deposition in Knoxville (incidentally, if I have any Knoxville readers who want to get […]


a few of my favorite mistakes

I’ve written before about trying a case with my zipper unzipped, but today I’d like to disclose some of my favorite verbal blunders during cross examinations the last 4 years, just in case I ever start getting cocky about never losing at trial. 1)  Plaintiff is on the stand, and […]


count the grammatical errors- fun for a girl or a boy!

This morning, one of the attorneys in my section left our office, leaving the rest of us in collective misery as we scrambled to reply to Motions for Summary Judgment, Motions in Limine, Motions for Lotion, the Locomotion, etc.  Consequently, we weren’t exactly singing Loraine’s praises today.  Especially when I […]

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