and the spiderman glasses go to (opens envelope)…

Toddler celebrated her newly-received promotion by winning the random drawing that concludes every Muskrat family reunion to encourage staying until after the last of the Mississippi Mud has been eaten and the last of the over 80 crowd tells the last of the under 35 crowd how glad they are that they came and how much their children have grown (for the fourth time).  Then we get in our cars and drive far, far away from Oxford, AL.

Speaking of Toddler, I got a phone call Monday during a deposition on my cellphone.  I thought something was bad wrong.  Instead, something was bad right.  Toddler had peed in the little plastic potty thing that sits next to the toilet in our bathroom.  Pretty Bride was excited that she appeared to finally “get it.”  I’m not so sure.  Will the proper peeing be a one-time occurrence before kindergarten or the beginning of something habitual?  We’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t we.

Update:  since writing the above, Toddler has resumed filling her cloth diapers with much wetness.  So much for teaching her to hold my Wall Street Journals over her knees while sitting on her Great White Plastic Throne.  Sigh.

Babies who pee and read in the right places prefer a funny blog post to reading about their elimination habits.

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  1. Cute, very cute good sir. As for the Wall-eye, well, give it time, she’ll get there.

  2. We bribed Izzy. She wanted a playground for her backyard, so when we noticed that her “step” for climbing up on the throne had about 75 “dots” on it we came up with a plan. Karen bought a bunch of stickers. Everytime Izzy when potty in the toilet she got a sticker on one of the dots. Everytime she went in her pants she lost a sticker. Long story short…she never “lost” a sticker. She was potty trained instantly and before I knew what hit me I was buying a big ol’ wooden playground for the backyard. It was worth not having to change her anymore though. Bribery works!

  3. I hate potty training…but I hate changing “big kids” diapers even more.
    Good luck with it.

  4. Yeah.. Bribe the shit out of her.


    My parents potty trained my brother by putting cheerios in the toilet– then telling him to shoot at them. I swear.

  5. these are certainly some good suggestions…thanks! i had no idea i’d get such constructive feedback. i figured i’d just wait til kindergarten and let shame do its thing.

  6. Just remember how pleased you are when she gets it right – – 40 years later she will feel the same about you. The voice of experience, trust me.

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