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the rise and fall of lola the muskrat

Dear Baby Lola (hereinafter “BL“): I’m trying not to be pissed at you. You see, for the first 2 years of your life, you were dreamy.  You were the sweetest of the babies.  Your smile was an infection everyone wanted to catch.  You were good with new acquaintances.  You were […]


the capitol muskrat

Like I did in October, I traveled this weekend to a legal conference that’ll hopefully help me learn how to help military veterans, an area of law I wish to add have added to my practice this year.  Besides the obvious reasons why Washington, DC is special to all Americans, […]

children, Neighborhood

excretion issues

Tonight after baths: Owen the 4yo:  Daddy, my penis hurts. Me:  Why? Owen:  I put soap on it.  It burns! Me:  Why’d you do that?  I told you to just scrub with the soap I put on your back and arms! Owen:  Lola told me I needed to use soap […]

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