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May 2013

It occurred to me recently that, for some reason, I barely posted in May, even though it was one of the most enjoyable months I’ve ever had.  As we know, it started with our youngest’s turning 3.  And putting the 3 children in a box. A couple days later, I […]


our return to the haunted hospital

Sunday night, I traveled for the 3rd time with the Paranormal Georgia Investigations (PGI) team on a paranormal investigation.  Or, as I affectionately (and redneckingly) call it:  I went ghost huntin’.  We returned to the spot we explored on Veterans Day 2012:  the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in east Tennessee.  […]


follow the muskrat with feedly!

Here’s the link:  father muskrat blog. If you hurry, you can go to and with one click (assuming you are logged into your google account), you can move your google reader blog subscriptions over to feedly.  There are other ways to skin this cat, but this way seems to […]



A few days ago (12) on a Friday, I turned 38.  Because celebrating a birthday for only 1 day is for pussies sorely lacking in ambition, I stretched mine out for 3 consecutive days (just like I did last year).  And, I’m having a birthday party later this month. On […]

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a changing of the throne

Now that I’ve tried my hand at being crafty, I thought I’d try my hand at being handy!  Why?  Because I got an email from Dad Central consulting offering me an opportunity to receive a complimentary* Delta Elongated Water Saving toilet, install it, and write about it.  They call it […]

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