a most dadding weekend

There hasn’t been a weekend in recent memory during which I felt like more of a dad than I did this past one:  February 7-8, 2014. Friday night was Maddie’s daddy/daughter dance event at her elementary school.  I’d heard of events like this one from FaceBook, and I knew there […]


a unicorn party, because she’s 7

“What would you like to do for your birthday?” we asked her a month ago. “A unicorn party!” she exclaimed. I wasn’t exactly sure what this would look like or entail. So, I figured it meant putting rainbow-colored balloons and a unicorn balloon on our mailbox. And a “pin the […]

children, product reviews

getting crafty with mike adamick

Yesterday, my cruel spouse spent the day manning her booth at the Indie Craft Experience and left me with 3 naughty children and a torrential rain storm (a realization I made 5 minutes after we arrived at the neighborhood pool).  So, during nap time for the 2 youngest, I decided […]

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