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oktoberfest in munich

After we ran with the bulls in Pamplona for my de facto partner’s 40th birthday last summer, he asked what I wanted to do for mine.  My answer:  go to Oktoberfest in Germany.  I’m 2 years from 40, but no one’s ever accused me of being patient.  So, we went. […]


a layover in amsterdam

We boarded the plane in Atlanta about 10pm.  By 2pm the next day, we were entering the Grand Amsterdam Hotel in all its 2-story, complete with bidet, glory.  But more importantly, we were next door to the Greenhouse.  And if you’ll recall from Vincent Vega’s and Jules Winfield’s discussion about […]


killing the night: a review of spain

“Nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night.” — Ernest Hemingway “That shit is true of Barcelona and Pamplona, too, Holmes.” — The Muskrat We arrived in Barcelona in the morning and, at the advice of Dave from Blogography, stayed at the Hotel 1898 on La […]


how a boy turns 5: rape and pillage

Owen turns 5 in a few days, so we invited his preschool classmates to our newly renovated backyard Saturday for his choice of themed birthdays:  pirates! In addition to a bunch of kids and parents I didn’t know, I got to see my friends Karen (whom I know from social […]

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