We found out Friday we are NOT getting the house we want.  So I figured the best reaction would be to have a few beers in the front yard with our soon-to-be-missed neighbors while Pretty Bride cried and readied for the next day’s garage sale that was supposed to be […]



We made an offer on a house Friday afternoon after seeing it that morning at 9am.  It was the first home we’ve looked at in person.  We don’t even have a buyer’s agent yet; we just went inside with a friend who’s a realtor the day after the house popped […]

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Earth Day and Easter, in perfect harmony

Two of the few aspects I still like about being unable to sell our home for the past 3+ years are our community and our immediate neighbors.  Every year, on Earth Day, instead of telling our Facebook friends to turn off the water while brushing their teeth or some other […]

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