We made an offer on a house Friday afternoon after seeing it that morning at 9am.  It was the first home we’ve looked at in person.  We don’t even have a buyer’s agent yet; we just went inside with a friend who’s a realtor the day after the house popped up on the MLS as a bank-owned offering.

Since then, Pretty Bride has talked nonstop of all the changes in paint colors, tiles, walls, pool chemicals, landscaping, and appliances she wants to make if the bid is accepted.  We visited it again (without an agent; it’s been unlocked for some reason) on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Every time we went by, someone else was leaving or coming to see it.

It was listed for $100k+ below what the last owners paid in 2001.  It needs a lot of work.

Pretty Bride is talking about it right now as I type.  She’s explaining the tax estimates and zillow estimates of “our” house and all those around it.  She really is incapable of talking about anything else right now.

Tomorrow we’ll find out if our bid (which was $45k above the list price, but I think was too low, now that we’ve looked at the values around it) is accepted, whether we will get a counter, or whether we will get ignored.

At least, I hope it’s tomorrow.  Because I’m not sure we can handle more waiting patiently begrudgingly.

Okay, we did do 1 thing other than obsessing about this house all weekend.  We drove to a park close to the house we want and went hiking:

If only EVERYONE in the family had this level of confidence and relaxation.


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  1. Pretty Bride

    I would like to point out that (1) I am very careful never to use the term “our” about this house, but rather call it “The House”; and (2) you have done your share of obsessing, my fine friend. We’re both in this up to our eyeballs, and I don’t take kindly to your pessimism on the eve of what could be our greatest moment as homeowners.

    Am holding out for greatness. Taking you with me.

  2. I remember when the Wife and I bought our house. It too was a bank owned/forclosed house. There are things that you can’t even imagine waiting on you, should your offer be accepted.

    Birds had managed to get in behind the dryer vent covering and had nested. For the longest time we figured our dryer was going to die on us. Then my neighbor told us that he saw birds leaving the vent.

    I have more stories, but I don’t want to scare you. I will leave you with a saying the my Father-in-law has, “Whoever owns a house deserves it.”

    • @Russ, Why you gotta scare me like that? I’m sure the inspection will produce lots of questions and the need for constructions plans and estimates. However, I hope we get to the point where we need such!

  3. Ooooh – fingers crossed for you!!
    And of COURSE that kid looks relaxed – I would, too, if someone carried me around all day! 🙂

  4. There is nothing funnier to me than the term “homeowner.” More like “bankslave.” But maybe that’s just me.

    Good luck, dude.

    • @DaddyScratches, You’re right. Many many years of slavery to a bank. At least that’s the only debt I have, which appears to be a rarity these days.

  5. Good luck! How does this work with you trying to sell the house you’re in now?

    • @SciFiDad, We’re under contract, so I’m hoping to NOT be homeless for a few weeks in between homes, but we may very well be. And if we don’t get this one, we’ll almost certainly have to rent a place for a while as we search for the next good deal.

  6. As long as it has a designated “Avitable Guest Room”, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  7. Sup Muskrat!
    Fingers crossed for the house. We’re hoping to get into a new rental by the end of the month. We found the one we want and have the same begrudging wait. I agree with some of the homeowner comments though. We owned a place in Vegas for 6 years before the bubble burst ruined our American dream. It was great doing what you wanted with the place, just know it’s a weekendly list of maintenance and fix-it jobs. My father loved that aspect of home ownership, still does. I like having a gardner now, and the landlord has to fix everything. It’s all in what you like. I’m excited for your Wife to get to do all that fun stuff. You should be too, brother. It’ll be a blast.


    • @jason, Thanks, only we just learned today that we didn’t get it. Oh well. Time to find a place to rent before we find a place to buy.

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