fewer than 2 weeks til suburbia

Our closing was moved from mid-July to 11 days from today.  This was actually something we wanted, given the “what if he watches the news/listens to the radio/talks to a naysayer and thinks, ‘Why am I buying NOW when real estate is going to continue its downward slide into the shitter?  I’m going to back out of this deal!'” thoughts that spring up every 15 minutes or so during every hour of the 17 or so hours per day I’m awake.

Not that we’ve started packing.  We found a rental house a few days ago, though–the first one we visited, in fact.  Something about learning of the new closing date that morning pushed us into the coveted-by-salespersons “motivated” category.

This weekend we prepared and ate BBQ ribs with our favorite neighbors.  It was like the “last supper,” but without the wine and impending betrayal + crucifixion.

Next Saturday night, I’m throwing my 8th (and last) birthday party in this ‘hood.  It likely won’t rival my 30th birthday, but it’s my neighbor’s 40th (she and I have been having joint birthday parties for the past 6 years) and is doubling as my family’s “moving away party,” so I’m optimistic that more than adequate merriment will abound.

Yesterday afternoon, I said aloud, “I guess I won’t be able to sit on the porch with my laptop screwing around on Twitter working while the children and dog run around in everyone else’s yard in two weeks!”  At least, not until I do a local sex offender search and a “test the waters” trick-or-treating dressed in drag.

But change is necessary and good.  And in this category?  Has been a very long time coming.

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  1. You guys sure like cutting things close, don’t you?
    I can totally relate to that, actually.
    Everything will be fine. Congrats again on the house selling, though!
    (You’ll post drag pictures, won’t you?)

  2. every new beginning starts with some other beginning’s end. wait, i just quoted that cheesy 90s song by Semisonic.

    oh well. GL w/ the impending close. but, btw, you were rocking BBQ ribs this weekend while i was perfectly grilling my award winning chicken with three sticks of heavily soaked cherry to give it that extra umph?

    great minds, my friend.

  3. I am SO excited for you guys!

  4. Moving sucks. I hope it works out for you.

  5. We moved six years ago and I still haven’t found where the packers hide my refrigerator magnet collection.

    Best of luck, dude.

  6. yessss new houses heal all sorts of stuff.

    good luck!!

  7. I’m with you on 8th birthday parties. Just had to sell my house to pay for my daughter’s. Read about it here at

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