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Earth Day and Easter, in perfect harmony

Two of the few aspects I still like about being unable to sell our home for the past 3+ years are our community and our immediate neighbors.  Every year, on Earth Day, instead of telling our Facebook friends to turn off the water while brushing their teeth or some other candy ass suggestion as a way to check off the “civic duty” requirement, we actually do stuff.  Work, in fact.

This is a hidden sidewalk next to a MARTA stop:

Here’s the 1-ton bag of dirt that used to cover said sidewalk:

And here’s the result of our labor.  I’ll spare y’all a picture of my blistered hands:

Not content to fall into the “all work and no play makes Jack…” trap, we followed the manual labor with a party at the end of our street:

Stopping only briefly for a showing at our house.  By visiting the local pet store.

Where the haughty ass playing on his phone in the background had the audacity to ask the following of little Owen there:

Pet store dude:  Dude, is he like — out in his pajamas?
Me:  Yeah, that’s how he rolls.  Dick.
Pretty Bride:  You would be too if you could get away with it!
Pet store dude:  (unintelligible)

So that was Earth Day.

Today was Easter.  Every year, Pretty Bride fills out Easter morning kitchen with goldenrod eggs, pancakes, potatoes, and bacon.  Except we realized we were OUT of bacon this morning.  Naturally, I hopped in the car.

Upon walking up to the refrigerated section of Kroger, I knew God was smiling upon us this fine Easter morning when I saw this:

Oscar Mayer Super Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon:  On Sale for $3.99

Bacon makes babies happy.

Like Thomas the Tank Engine makes toddlers happy.

And closing eyes in anticipation of an egg hunt makes a preschooler happy.

And all is well until rumors of a “golden egg” are leaked to all participants.

And the hunt ends in pushing, tears, screams, and horrified embarrassment by all parents around.  But I’ll spare y’all the pictures of that.  For the children.

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  1. So you celebrated Earth Day by ripping away the earth’s gentle green grasses then stripping her of her fertile soil… so you could have a slab of concrete instead?

    Dude. Don’t ever tell me what you did to the Easter Bunny as you celebrated Easter.

  2. Not to one-up you, but yesterday, we took my boy to a restaurant – for Easter dinner – in pajamas, green rubber boots, and sunglasses (it was overcast).

    Being two rocks.

  3. Uh… there’s a tent in my parking spot.

  4. Now that’s an Easter/ Earth Day!
    However, there *always* has to be a squabble over a Golden egg!

  5. Geekytaitai

    You didn’t plant anything?

  6. Pretty Bride

    Those potatoes were the BEST I have ever made. Pan fried in bacon fat. Dear heaven. I think *I* was raised from the dead. Amazing.

  7. All holidays should involve bacon. And a bag of dirt. it just seems right.

  8. What the hell is wrong with a toddler in pajamas? The diff between pajamas and a fleece tracksuit is zip.

  9. Sup Muskrat,
    Your response the dick @ the pet store,….priceless.
    Bacon for babies, dude, we’re ALL over that.
    The egg hunt was great in our neck of the woods too. Looks like the crew had a good time. Hope all went well.
    What’s next? Memorial Day civic duties? I’m all giddy with anticipation.

    The Cheeky Daddy

  10. Bacon makes the Baby Jeebus happy. And pet store dude was clearly jealous. Jerk.

  11. I think we should have National Pajama Day.

    Also, my son found the golden egg and gave it to his sister. Pussy.

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