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a meme, an award, and a giant johnson

That damned South Carolinian, Bennie, sent this meme requiring an immediate self-aimed picture, but I ain’t playing.  I’m supposed to pass it to 10 folks, but in looking over the acrimonious response he got from the female bloggers he tagged, I’d rather not.  So, I’ll make it voluntary.  If you’re […]


seven whores a-whoring

I got tagged by Paper Cages to list seven random things.  Seven random facts.  But unless you’ve been wearing sunglasses and doing heroin the last few days, you know I don’t follow rules associated with memes I receive.  I’ll instead list seven random whores and their aggressive approaches. 1)  Random […]


a meme from avitable

My favorite age: 17.  I had a new car I’d bought with scholarship money, a bedroom window only a few feet above the ground, and the belief that I knew, and could accomplish, anything. My best friend: Pretty Bride. My celebrity crush: The lead singer of Poison, until I learned […]

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