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a unicorn party, because she’s 7

“What would you like to do for your birthday?” we asked her a month ago. “A unicorn party!” she exclaimed. I wasn’t exactly sure what this would look like or entail. So, I figured it meant putting rainbow-colored balloons and a unicorn balloon on our mailbox. And a “pin the […]



A few days ago (12) on a Friday, I turned 38.  Because celebrating a birthday for only 1 day is for pussies sorely lacking in ambition, I stretched mine out for 3 consecutive days (just like I did last year).  And, I’m having a birthday party later this month. On […]



Dear Owen, Your birthday was a few days ago, and sometimes I like to write you little letters on your birthdays to talk about…my feelings and stuff. I’m going to be honest.  You were a pain in the ass for most of your 3rd year.  Take the above photo for […]


how blogging saved my newly-minted six-year-old’s birthday

After we found and joined a local pool a couple months ago, we figured we’d have Maddie’s 6th birthday party there on July 16th, so I assumed my bride would put everything together, I’d pay for it and show up, and all would go well like every other event we […]

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