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37 years!

I actually wrote a paragraph about my recently turning 38 and how I didn’t want to do anything for my birthday this week, because who cares about turning 38, and I’m busy and too grown up to give a shit about my birthday when I have children to please on […]

Law, Music

changing brackets

I haven’t been particularly excited about leaving marketers’ “most coveted age bracket” (although this guy thinks the boomers are changing that).  I like knowing companies spend millions of dollars trying to figure out how to please me and how to catch my attention.  It’s like dating a Rockefeller. But not […]


a veteran looks at 40

  Here is the email I wrote a close friend who turns 40 tomorrow.  Shane and I deployed to Iraq together in March 2003 and slept in cots a few inches apart for 5 months in a tent with no air conditioning, showers, or running water.  Embellished yarns, smuggled alcohol, […]

Childhood Journals

from the vault: 1988

I just had a birthday, which made me wonder what I was up to on birthdays from years past.  I went back into the closet and found the following: —————- Tuesday, June 7, 1988:  Today I turned 13.  I had to take exams on my birthday.  That is the 1st […]

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