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an overheard conversation

Hello, Pretty Bride here.  Muskrat doesn’t know I can hear him upstairs with his daughter through the monitor.  He left me with his Thinkpad chatting with an AT&T rep, so he could go initiate bathtime.  Just thought I’d transcribe the exchange upstairs: Muskrat:  Your name is Macy, not Baby. Toddler:  […]


don’t call me “mac the baptist”

We’re having a boy in a few months, and I’m a little tired of hearing that I’ll be “baptized” soon.  Apparently, this means that when I remove Future Baby’s diaper, the cool air will encourage him to piss all over me.  Thus, the “baptism.”  What a crap euphemism.  It’s usually […]

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i can get some satisfaction

As I’ve written about before, we’re too cheap to buy a booster seat for Toddler, so she sits on phonebooks in a grownup chair when we gather around the table to break bread every evening.  Today, I noticed she’d shed her drawers for some reason and was sitting bare ass.  […]

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a short independent film: “rocky baby”

This was a gift after my return from war. A gift for me. Not for Baby. Sigh. *interested in your own pocket Rocky? Looky here! **interested in other bloggers who exploit babies?  Looky here!

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