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an overheard conversation

Hello, Pretty Bride here.  Muskrat doesn’t know I can hear him upstairs with his daughter through the monitor.  He left me with his Thinkpad chatting with an AT&T rep, so he could go initiate bathtime.  Just thought I’d transcribe the exchange upstairs:

Muskrat:  Your name is Macy, not Baby.
Toddler:  Not Ba-by.
Muskrat:  Say, “My name ain’t Baby, it’s Macy.”
Toddler:  Not Ba-by.  Ma-cy.
Muskrat:  That’s right.  Say, “My name ain’t Baby, it’s Macy.”
Toddler:  Name Macy.
Muskrat:  Not Baby?
Toddler:  Not Baby.
Muskrat:  What if you’re Miss Muskrat?  Are you nasty?
Toddler:  Nasty.  Miz Mu-krat.
Muskrat:  Is your name Baby?
Toddler:  No!
Muskrat:  Is it Macy?
Toddler:  Yes!
Muskrat:  How ’bout Miss Muskrat?
Toddler:  Nasty!
Muskrat:  ONLY if you’re nasty!
Toddler:  Nasty!  Nasty!

Ladies?  Does it mean a thing?

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  1. It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. Doo wop. Doo wop. 😉

  2. There you go, unfinished. I knew PB would get a comment eventually!

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