Gratuitously offensive

keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the cellar

Right after a few of us were discussing a woman at another firm who’d gone from legal secretary to law clerk to attorney to managing attorney, I got an email that provided a good example of how not to so ascend.  So, I learned from it.  And now I’m sharing the wealth…

10 signs you are not, and will never be, at the top of the “food chain” at your place of employment:

1.) you lead with “I am ____ ‘s Assistant.”
2.) and you capitalize the “A” in “assistant.”
3.) you create a colored background for your Outlook emails.
4.) you highlight words and phrases in your Outlook emails.
5.) you capitalize the “N” in “name” for no apparent reason.
6.) you misuse the word “their” when you should have said “his or her.”
7.) you put emoticons in emails to professionals. 🙂
8.) there is a picture in your footer.
9.) you are a female, and your first name ends with an “i”.
10.) you close with “have a blessed day.”

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