almost better than the real thing

Why choose just one?

Disturbingly rare are the chances the Mrs and I have to go out and hear live music.  However, when the opportunity to see an awesome cover band called Yacht Rock play the entire Thriller and Purple Rain albums at a small venue on a Saturday night presented itself, I had to buy tickets to nostalgia.

The show opened by going crazy:

Shortly afterward, we learned what sound is produced when doves weep:

And after an intermission, we were treated to the most glorious stage entrance I’ve ever seen by stormtroopers.  Like, ever:

Before concluding with a surprise (i.e., not from Thriller or Purple Rain) encore reminding us how to make changes:

If you listen really carefully, you can hear some faint woo-ing and singing from your cinematographer.  More tracks are on  my YouTube page here.

All in all, a GREAT way to spend the last Saturday night we’re in the same city for the next several weeks!  An activity I highly recommend.

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  1. Uh, not to down on your fun, but that isn’t even CLOSE to a real Prince concert. Prince is seriously AMAZING live, and I’m not one of those crazy Prince fans or anything. Plus, Prince is an amazing musician.
    However – those storm troopers are kickass! 🙂

  2. “And after an intermission, we were treated to the most glorious stage entrance I’ve ever seen by stormtroopers. Like, ever:” And how many stage entrances by stormtroopers HAVE you seen?

  3. that was an impressive show of troopery, i gotta say.

  4. Pretty Bride

    Awesome show, and having seen Prince live, I can say that this was a good alternative–though he certainly did rock it in his backless pants.

    Also: these videos don’t do justice to the crop dusting half our row got because Muskrat got excited. He was having such a good time, he decided to share it with all of us. Wow.

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