why i love a good “mutemath” show

I caught my fourth MuteMath show a couple Sunday nights ago, and as upset as I was to miss the season finale of “The Walking Dead,” here’s why it was totally worth the VIP package:

1.) They look great in blue.

2.) Paul doesn’t shy away from a close up.

3.) Darren doesn’t mind a drum solo while on a cart in the middle of the crowd.

4.) Roy supports Movember all 12 months of the year.  And he blogs!

5.) Vertical keyboarding!

6.) They can make it snow!  In March!  In Atlanta!

7.) When was the last time you passed a rock star over your head on a raft with flashing lights as said rock star continued singing?

You haven’t.  But I have.

8.) The drummer has to wrap his hearing protection around his head to keep it from being flung off during intense head banging.

9.) Willingness to mingle with the little people at 1am.

I was introduced to these guys in Spring 2004 while visiting North Point Community Church, and they became the most energetic performers I’d seen before or since.  On that day in 2004, the band played before the preacher interviewed a guy who’d become addicted to pornography.  I bought their “Reset” CD within the hour and have bought every subsequent album over the past 8 years while seeing them do three more shows at two more venues.

When we met the band after the show, I told the lead singer, Paul, about my introduction to their music so many years ago.
Him:  “Pornography Sunday!  That’s how you heard about us?”

Yes, Paul.  Pornography Sunday.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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  1. I’m claiming Pornography Sunday as my new band name.

  2. looks like a great time. How’d you manage the meet n’ greet?

  3. Looks like a pretty sweet show! I think I’ve seen them on tv before…

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