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changing brackets

I haven’t been particularly excited about leaving marketers’ “most coveted age bracket” (although this guy thinks the boomers are changing that).  I like knowing companies spend millions of dollars trying to figure out how to please me and how to catch my attention.  It’s like dating a Rockefeller. But not […]


viva la foolishness

This is a cellphone picture I took around 10pm last night from Philips Arena. So is this. And this. This picture, however, was taken at 2am at Mary’s.  Which is why I had to pull over this morning to puke my guts out (again). ——————————————————– Hangover remedies are found at humor-blogs!


stopping starship, upsetting duran duran, and busying humpty

——————————————————– For writers who offend artists from the ’80s and ’90s, look at this directory of humour blogs!

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