my job is harder than your job

Here are some snippets from actual emails I’ve sent to opposing attorneys in the past week: All my client wants to do is see the doctor to whom your client agreed to send him, but your client won’t let him. Is this really worth going to court over? It’s been […]

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changing brackets

I haven’t been particularly excited about leaving marketers’ “most coveted age bracket” (although this guy thinks the boomers are changing that).  I like knowing companies spend millions of dollars trying to figure out how to please me and how to catch my attention.  It’s like dating a Rockefeller. But not […]


help me, andrew clark. you’re my only hope.

We’ve been trying to eat healthier the past couple of months.  Joined a local organic farm CSA and everything.  However, when the  neighbors came over with brats and chorizo for the grill to join our free range chicken on Memorial Day, I agreed.  And when the Mrs. cooked a dozen […]

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