how i ended up in the urban dictionary

I met with a client at the hospital; I had a friend’s handiwork with me, as her condition was such that she may not live through an upcoming surgery, so I wanted her to have a will. She was wearing a hospital gown that looked like an art smock taken from the local preschool; it stopped about her waist.  Her soft parts hung over and around the arm holes like pre-made biscuits getting squeezed out a can before going into the oven. She stood up to shimmy past where I was seated and plop down at a desk to sign the paperwork I’d brought. As she passed me and flashed her uncovered what-not along the way, she glanced down at herself, looked at me, and stated with no hint of irony:

“Excuse the sexy.”

There was no way I could avoid the guffaw that followed.  I regained my composure and submitted the above to the Urban Dictionary.  It was approved and can be found here.

Immortality, thy name is muskrat.

(incidentally, another way to help me achieve immortality is to vote for my “world’s greatest dad” video here!)

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  1. OMFG….Bwhahahaha

    Oh, what a thing to read first thing in the morning before the very first sip of coffee… Congrats on joining the Urban train and second of all, at least she had a sense of humor about it!

  2. I gave that a thumbs up!

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  4. I love your client. Great story. I hope she’s still around, but if not, I hope she shimmied her *sexy* right on up to heaven.

  5. My love for the urban dictionary is deep. So props to you.

    “Excuse the sexy” is officially my new favorite expression.


  6. Congrats on your entry. Lawyers do get into some interesting situations, don’t they? You’re client has a great sense of the absurd. I hope she made it.

  7. –>That is Brilliant! I’ve been saying it for years (not really) but not with that much PIZAZZ.

  8. Hahahahaha
    That. is. awesome.

  9. Very cool. if the phrase ends up on Gossip Girl in two weeks, do you get royalties?

  10. Entries in the Urban Dictionary actually have to get approved? Really?

  11. You may as well give up now… there’s no way you’re topping that. Ever.

  12. I love it! I’m using it whenever and wherever it may or may not be appropriate. And of course thumbed it up!

  13. And here I was hoping that “muskrat” was in the UD for some reason. Maybe I should come up with a definition . . .

  14. I don’t know how this works, do you get royalties if someone uses it? Maybe we can start a hashtag.

  15. Day-um. Why didn’t you tell me this 2 weeks ago?

    I coulda had all sorts of fun with that.

    You should totally get your headstone done now.

  16. HAHAHA! I know you stole one of those too short hospital gowns for your wifey! ha – tell the truth!

  17. omg that’s funny. the biscuit bit was quite clever.

  18. That is awesome, my best laugh and smile of the week!

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