dress to impress

I just realized that I’ve been walking around my office all day with brownie crumbs stuck to my ass.  No wonder there’s been snickering.  Pretty Bride included a brownie with the lunch she packed me, and apparently I let some crumbs fall into my chair while eating it at my […]


pea green with envy

Today as I walked up to the printer to get my mapquest directions to tomorrow’s deposition, I saw a letter sent to opposing counsel referencing a plaintiff named Janet Jackson.  I stopped what I was doing and loudly asked, “Who has a case with Janet Jackson?!”  My next door neighbor, […]

Law, Travels

6/27/08: a day that will live in muskrat infamy

A reader who’s a member of the Air National Guard sent me the following story from Fox News online, along with a suggested course of action:  Run Muskrat Run! Frantic Sandbagging Effort to Save Missouri Town After Muskrat Brings Down Levee Let me first say that I am very sorry […]

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