pea green with envy

Today as I walked up to the printer to get my mapquest directions to tomorrow’s deposition, I saw a letter sent to opposing counsel referencing a plaintiff named Janet Jackson.  I stopped what I was doing and loudly asked, “Who has a case with Janet Jackson?!”  My next door neighbor, Victor, has the case.  “I’m so jealous!  How are you NOT going to ask if she’s ever gone by ‘Baby’ or ‘Miss Jackson if you’re nasty’ when you ask about any aliases?”  I promised him a free BBQ lunch if he’s able to work “nasty” into the deposition transcript.  I’ll keep everyone posted next week on whether or not it happens.
*update–Vic asked if we could make it a steak if he gets her to say it.  I agreed.
**2nd update–no dice.  Deposition was uninteresting, and no references to being nasty were made.

If you’re a nasty boy, click here for nasty humor.

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  1. And if the word “Nasty” is read out loud, it must be said with pizzazz.

    Bonus points if “wardrobe” and “malfunction” can be used in the same sentence…but not necesarrily together.

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