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6/27/08: a day that will live in muskrat infamy

A reader who’s a member of the Air National Guard sent me the following story from Fox News online, along with a suggested course of action:  Run Muskrat Run!

Frantic Sandbagging Effort to Save Missouri Town After Muskrat Brings Down Levee

Let me first say that I am very sorry for the trouble this incident has caused the good citizens of Winfield, Missouri and the Missouri National Guard.  And let me also say that I was in a deposition yesterday and then a meeting.  I was nowhere near MO!  I have witnesses who can vouch for my whereabouts.  Please do not send the National Guard after me.  I know what happened to the four in Ohio.  I’m just a good ol’ muskrat.  Never meaning no harm.

To find the guilty party, look here.

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